BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUI: drop always-true function argumentAnton Khirnov7 months
msg_cachedb: implement an email message cacheAnton Khirnov19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-05-11UI: drop always-true function argumentHEADmasterAnton Khirnov
2022-05-11commands/globals:BufferCloseCommand: drop unused redraw paramAnton Khirnov
2022-05-11ui: move _{save,load}_history* out of the UI classAnton Khirnov
2022-05-08commands/globals:ExternalCommand: actually use thread param from touchhookAnton Khirnov
2022-05-08commands/globals:ExternalCommand: do not shell-quote cmd for the shellAnton Khirnov
2022-02-05commands/thread: fix action nameAnton Khirnov
2022-02-05db/manager: support flexible database locationAnton Khirnov
2021-12-03ui: change command hooks back to normal callablesAnton Khirnov
2021-12-03mail/envelope: fix Envelope.from_mailto() after header changesAnton Khirnov
2021-11-29commands/search: allow reversing search resultsAnton Khirnov