Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* vim plugin: fix displaying attachments with non-ascii namesHEADvimAnton Khirnov2012-10-05
* vim plugin: fix vim_get_tags() with non-ascii tag names.Anton Khirnov2012-08-10
* vim plugin: more explicitly format the tags list in search results.Anton Khirnov2012-08-10
* vim plugin: refresh the threads list also on CursorHold event.Anton Khirnov2012-08-10
* vim plugin: incremental printing of search results.Anton Khirnov2012-08-06
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into vimAnton Khirnov2012-08-06
| * NEWS: discuss changes for dump and restore syntax.David Bremner2012-08-06
| * notmuch-restore: replace positional argument for input with optionDavid Bremner2012-08-06
| * notmuch-dump: remove deprecated positional argument for output fileDavid Bremner2012-08-06
| * debian: alternately depend on emacs24 for notmuch-emacs, buildDavid Bremner2012-08-05
| * show: Remove now unused fields from notmuch_show_formatAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * show: Convert do_show to use sprinterAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * show: Convert show_message to use sprinterAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * show: Convert envelope format_part_json to use sprinterAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * show: Convert non-envelope format_part_json to use sprinterAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * show: Convert format_part_sigstatus_json to use sprinterAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * show: Convert format_headers_json to use sprinterAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * show: Feed the sprinter down to part formattersAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * reply: Create a JSON sprinterAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * show: Associate an sprinter with each formatAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * sprinter: Add a string_len methodAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * test: Remove unnecessary JSON canonicalizationAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * test: Uniformly canonicalize actual and expected JSONAustin Clements2012-08-03
| * debian: close notmuch-mutt bug in changelogDavid Bremner2012-08-02
| * emacs: show: exclude bug fixMark Walters2012-08-02
| * debian packaging: new depends for duplicate removals in mutt contribStefano Zacchiroli2012-08-02
| * Add duplicate message removal for notmuch-mutt.Kevin McCarthy2012-08-02
| * emacs: fix a bug introduced by the recent search cleanups.Mark Walters2012-08-02
| * debian: update changelog for cleaning changesDavid Bremner2012-08-02
| * build system: remove configure output in Make distclean.David Bremner2012-08-02
| * build system: remove directories created by tests in "make clean"David Bremner2012-08-02
| * configure: check whether shell is capable of parameter substring processingTomi Ollila2012-07-25
| * man: show: update man page for entire-thread and json.Mark Walters2012-07-25
| * schemata: update for --body=true|false optionMark Walters2012-07-24
| * man: update man page for the new --body=true|false optionMark Walters2012-07-24
| * test: add tests for the new --body=true|false optionMark Walters2012-07-24
| * cli: add --body=true|false option to notmuch-show.cMark Walters2012-07-24
| * Use the structured formatters in notmuch-search.c.craven@gmx.net2012-07-24
| * Add structured output formatter for JSON and plain text (but don't use them y...craven@gmx.net2012-07-24
| * Add support for structured output formatters.craven@gmx.net2012-07-24
| * News for search cleanupsAustin Clements2012-07-24
| * emacs: Fix navigation of multi-line search result formatsAustin Clements2012-07-24
| * emacs: Allow custom tags formattingAustin Clements2012-07-24
| * emacs: Replace other search text properties with result propertyAustin Clements2012-07-24
| * emacs: Use result text properties for search result iterationAustin Clements2012-07-24
| * emacs: Update tags by rewriting the search result line in placeAustin Clements2012-07-24
| * emacs: Use text properties instead of overlays for tag coloringAustin Clements2012-07-24
| * emacs: Record thread search result object in a text propertyAustin Clements2012-07-24
| * emacs: Fix notmuch-message-mark-replied.Ingo Lohmar2012-07-24
| * debian: finalize changelogDavid Bremner2012-07-12