BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
vimvim plugin: fix displaying attachments with non-ascii namesAnton Khirnov10 years
0.5commit 7278383005...Carl Worth12 years
0.4commit dddd3b723d...Carl Worth12 years
0.3.1commit e9e1466b44...Carl Worth13 years
0.3commit 3d64993586...Carl Worth13 years
0.2commit e6d20b7b8f...Carl Worth13 years
debian-0.1-1commit e7837ace18...Carl Worth13 years
0.1commit 4c7ee0f016...Carl Worth13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-10-05vim plugin: fix displaying attachments with non-ascii namesHEADvimAnton Khirnov
2012-08-10vim plugin: fix vim_get_tags() with non-ascii tag names.Anton Khirnov
2012-08-10vim plugin: more explicitly format the tags list in search results.Anton Khirnov
2012-08-10vim plugin: refresh the threads list also on CursorHold event.Anton Khirnov
2012-08-06vim plugin: incremental printing of search results.Anton Khirnov
2012-08-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into vimAnton Khirnov
2012-08-06NEWS: discuss changes for dump and restore syntax.David Bremner
2012-08-06notmuch-restore: replace positional argument for input with optionDavid Bremner
2012-08-06notmuch-dump: remove deprecated positional argument for output fileDavid Bremner
2012-08-05debian: alternately depend on emacs24 for notmuch-emacs, buildDavid Bremner