BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
adaptive_stepmg2d: add support for adaptive step sizeAnton Khirnov4 months
adaptive_step_egstmpAnton Khirnov3 years
deployREADME: fix description taken verbatim from libteukolskydataAnton Khirnov9 months
fd8egs: add higher-order finite difference operatorsAnton Khirnov3 years
fw_genericAdd weighted restriction.Anton Khirnov3 years
makePreliminary make support.Anton Khirnov10 days
masterAdd README.Anton Khirnov14 months
tmpegs: add higher-order finite difference operatorsAnton Khirnov3 years
transfer_dimtmpAnton Khirnov3 years
wiphacksAnton Khirnov3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-10-10Add README.HEADmasterAnton Khirnov
2020-07-13meson.build: add a trailing slash to asm include pathAnton Khirnov
2020-07-13Track forgotten timer files.Anton Khirnov
2020-07-12mg2d: avoid leaks in mg_dh_init()Anton Khirnov
2020-07-11mg2d: add logging to some error pathsAnton Khirnov
2020-06-25Switch to external ndarray library.Anton Khirnov
2020-01-26bicgstab: drop unused labelAnton Khirnov
2020-01-26common: print the source location in mg2di_assert()Anton Khirnov
2020-01-26mg2d: create a per-level logging contextAnton Khirnov
2020-01-20mg2d: export the residual norm to the callerAnton Khirnov