BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cartoonbbox: reduce optimization levelAnton Khirnov3 years
hgCarpet: Add "balanced" load balancing mechanismErik Schnetter11 years
masterEvolve: fix tapered gridsAnton Khirnov8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-02-27Evolve: fix tapered gridsHEADmasterAnton Khirnov
2013-12-04CarpetInterp: Don't try to set non-existent WaveMoL::num_timelevels in test p...Ian Hinder
2013-12-04CarpetInterp: Correct syntax errors in test parameter filesIan Hinder
2013-12-04Carpet: Remove outer-buffers testIan Hinder
2013-11-05CarpetIOHDF5: avoid variable shadowing.Anton Khirnov
2013-11-05CarpetIOHDF5: remove a superfluous H5Pclose call.Anton Khirnov
2013-10-31Carpet: use gdata::fence_is_energized to query electric_fenceRoland Haas
2013-10-31CarpetLib: introduce accessor in gdata to query electric_fenceRoland Haas
2013-10-31Revert "CarpetLib: make electric_fence parameter restricted"Roland Haas
2013-10-31CarpetLib: code layout changes when using map for allgfsRoland Haas