BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterrc/workspace: handle screen removal cleanlyAnton Khirnov13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-11-16rc/workspace: handle screen removal cleanlyHEADmasterAnton Khirnov
2021-11-15rc: make a function localAnton Khirnov
2021-11-15rc: add a systray widget showing desktops with urgent windowsAnton Khirnov
2021-11-14bindings: add a binding for toggling the current randr outputAnton Khirnov
2021-11-14rc: fix focusing the initial page on startupAnton Khirnov
2021-11-14rc: do the per-screen setup on new screen connectAnton Khirnov
2021-11-02bindings: use XF86ScreenSaver without modkeys to screenlockAnton Khirnov
2021-11-01utils: show a notification on changing audio volumeAnton Khirnov
2021-10-31workspace: fix self referenceAnton Khirnov
2021-10-26utils: show a notification on mute/unmuteAnton Khirnov